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Welcome to Versant


30 Years delivering value

Our parent company, Azimuth Consulting was originally founded in 1984. Since those early days we have delivered over 7100 highly successful assignments in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and the US. Because of the high quality of our work, clients have asked us to assist them by providing high quality contracting capability to work alongside their people.

Versant delivers the same high quality that Azimuth Consulting is renowned for. Our focus at Versant is to help clients achieve the best Value for Money outcome by balancing the cost/risk/quality equation. Everything we have learned in our 31 year history is applied to ensure the capability with the right level of skill and experience is available to them. Azimuth Consulting delivers world class outcomes and Versant delivers high quality capability that works under our clients direction to assist them to deliver their outcomes and outputs.

Value Proposition

For professional, experienced contractors looking for interesting and rewarding assignments we will, through our detailed knowledge of our clients environment and their business challenges, work with you to understand your experience, skills and personality to engage you in rewarding assignments.

We aim to provide you with a consistent and reliable service, and to build a lasting relationship with you built on mutual trust and respect. Each of our team manages the end-to-end recruitment process, meaning you will have regular contact with someone who knows about your contract, your environment and the latest market conditions.